Entrepreneur, techy, proud father & son 😇 CEO BlueEast & Director Orient Group of Companies🤵🏾

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I am very active on all social channels and love to interact and get inspired by my audience. Get in touch with me now!


Peek into my creative side

These are the 1-minute pitch video that I have recorded on various topics.


A Reflection on My Experience

With more than a decade of hands-on corporate experience, I plan to supplement and add to every industry I step foot in!

Director Orient


Director Sale & Marketing


Founded BlueEast


Working on Multiple Startups



My Ventures & Organizations

Technology holds the reigns of innovations now! My motivation with all my brands and companies is to delve into domains that remain unexplored.

My Thoughts Exactly!

I feel very happy and fortunate to connect with so many extraordinary minds on a daily basis. Whenever I have time, I set aside a few minutes to jot down my thoughts and experiences. Thanks for reading!


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